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Sur. Deed between Lincoln EDA and Ace Mgmt. LLC, $66,250., Washington Dist., as of 8-4-2021.

75 & 3 ac. Deed between Bruner Land Co. Inc. and Alexandria Evelyn Cash & Michael James Tegroen, $60,000., Washington Dist., as of 8-5-2021.

Lot A deed between Regina Loftis and Elizabeth Adams, Washington Dist., Fuquarys Crk., as of 8-5-2021.

46.966 ac. Deed between Larry & Zona Strickland and Joel C. & Deloris D. Porter, $13,800., Sheridan Dist., as of 8-5-2021.

1.33 ac. Deed between Michael A. Mullins, Karen Mullins Graley, Debra Mullins McCormick, Heather McCormick Griffith, Jacob M. Hall & Lauren M. Boner and K. Randall Mullins, Jefferson Dist., as of 8-5-2021.

125 ac. Deed between Sally Weinstein-Mishne and Brandon R. Stricklin, $140,000., Carroll Dist., as of 8-5-2021.

3 deeds 40, 94, 100 & 89 ac. OGM between Bethann K. Barankovich and AMP IV L.P., Washington & Duval Dists., as of 8-5-2021.

Lts. 2,2 & pt. 3 deed no fee between David L. Farley and Hamlin Town Hall, Hamlin, Holley St., as of 8-6-2021.

Lots 3 thru 6 deed between Sylvester H. & Mona Faye Stephens and Tristete Prop. Rentals LLC, $58,000., Sheridan Dist., as of 8-9-2021.

Deed between Jonathan D. & Cammie Saul and Cammie Saul, Hamlin, as of 8-10-2021.

.34 ac. Deed between Paul Ashley and Erica Miller, $130,000., Duval Dist., as of 8-10-2021.

Sur. Deed between Brenda Kay Brown and Brenda Kay Brown & Sherry A. Pridemore, Sheridan Dist., as of 8-10-2021.

.81 ac. Deed between Steven R. Searls and Furjhon D. & Natasha D. Sorongon, $89,000., Duval Dist., Laure Fk., as of 8-11-2021.

50 ac. m/l deed between Everett Jr. & Donald D. Dean Jr., Barbara Dillon, Garnet, Michael & Douglas Taylor, Melinda Jones, Dawn Sherman, Donna Dean Frye & Teresa Richards and Randy K. & Megan Parsons, $45,000., Sheridan Dist., as of 8-11-2021.

1 & ¼ ac. Deed between Curtis & Steven Ramey & Deanna Shelton and Deanna Shelton, Harts Dist., as of 8-11-2021.

Deed between Emilee Stone and Melinda Stone, Carroll Dist., as of 8-11-2021.

Right of way between 1. Douglas W. & Deborah F. Lovejoy, 2. Dee J. & Elizabeth Jarrell, 3. Larry & Terry Adkins, 4. Charles E. & Vickie Bell, 5. Melinda S. Stone, 6. Dee L. Somerville, 7. Cassie L. & Adam M. Salmons, 8. Vernon C. & Phyllis J. Terry, 9. Robert A. Linville, 10 & 11. George A. & Rhonda G. Stone, 12. Jeff & Mary Laster, 13. Andrew & Lori Coble14. Lora McComas, Shawna Lawson & Kimberly Bond, 15. Preston & Jennifer Breedlove and APCO, as of 8-12-2021.

Tract 7 deed between G. Russell Jr. and Stevphen Brown Cert. 2019-S-0000000012, $85.37, Carroll Dist., Big Buffalo, as of 8-12-2021.

Sur. Deed between Goldie Keenan & Joseph Messer, now deceased and Karen & Darel Stephens, Washington Dist., as of 8-12-2021.

.25 ac. Deed between Mark A. Bowen and W & A Real Estate LLC, $100,000., Carroll

Dist., as of 8-12-2021.

½ ac. m/l deed between Gary Huffman and Jason K. & Shelly A. Gillenwater, $6,000., Duval Dist., Porter Fk., as of 10-15-2021.

½ of 1/3 260.6 ac. Deed between Lucian T. Jones III and Jeffrey T. & Mary C. Wade, Carroll Dist., undivided int., as of 8-12-2021.

½ of 1/3 206.6 ac. Deed between Sandra Lynn Limon and Jeffrey T. & Mary C. Wade, Carroll Dist., undivided int., as of 8-12-2021.

Deed between Chad E. & Alicia M. Wendell and Chad E. Wendell, Sheridan Dist., as of 8-12-2021.

3 ac. Deed between David M. & Diana K. Miller and Michael E. & Linda Lisa Lovejoy, Jefferson Dist., Mud River, as of 8-13-2021.

40 & 33.3 ac. Deeds between Patricia E. Sayers and Danny May, $8,000., Union Dist., as of 8-13-2021.

0.23 ac. Deed between Kevin S. Wiley and Jessica L. Wiley, Harts Dist., as of 8-16-2021.

1.98 ac. Survey between Charles E. & Marietta Burford and Debra Kay Kitchen, Duval Dist., Trace Fk., as of 8-17-2021.

Lots 12-13 deed between Angela Puckett Administrator and Raven McCormick, $104,000.,West Hamlin, Lincoln St., as of 8-17-2021.



Raymond Lee Ross Jr. has been charged with Receiving or transferring stolen goods, offense as of 11-22-2021.


Roy Buck Marcum has been charged with Driving too fast for roadway conditions, offense as of 11-7-2021.

Terry J. Miller has been charged with Driving while license suspended or revoked; General, offense as of 10-9-2021.

Thomas A. Neace Jr. has been charged with Driving while license suspended or revoked; General, Cert. of insurance, Operation of vehicles without evidences of registration & False certificates, offenses as of 10-18-2021.

Brian Oglesbee has been charged with Operation of vehicles without evidences of registration & Drivers must be licensed; motorcycle licenses, state id, offenses as of 11-16-2021.

Compiled by Phyllis Stowers, Lifestyles Editor for The Lincoln Journal.

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