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Attendance, Textbooks and WVEIS Director for Lincoln County Schools Don Davis came before the board to discuss the current Drug Free Workplace Policy during its May 25 meeting.

HAMLIN — The Lincoln County Board of Education discussed the possibility of making updates to its Drug Free Workplace Policy during its meeting May 25.

Attendance, Textbooks and WVEIS Director for Lincoln County Schools Don Davis came before the board to discuss the current policy. He said he was approached by the administration to look into possible updates after they attended a training.

“I want to talk specifically about reasonable suspicion,” Davis said. “I’ve given you all a copy of our current Drug-Free Workplace Policy. If you look at the date on there, it was adopted in 2011.

Davis said in looking at the current policy, it doesn’t really “have any teeth” when it comes to enforcement. He said he has been looking for examples of more robust policies.

“I started out by looking at some other counties,” Davis said. “I looked at Mon County, and they adopted theirs in 2020 and it is word-for-word the same as ours. Then I looked at Cabell County, and theirs is pretty much everything that was in that training that Mr. [Josh] Brumfield got not long ago. So, they really updated theirs to put some teeth in it.”

Davis said an update to “Reasonable Suspicion” would allow for the county to have a guideline for actions to take if it is suspected that an employee shows up to work under the influence.

“When we suspect an employee is intoxicated on the job, can we ask them to go home?” Davis said. “Can we ask them to get tested? It doesn’t really say in our policy. It mentions disciplinary action and so forth, but it really doesn’t say that we can ask them to volunteer to a test and let them know that they could possibly be terminated if they didn’t adhere to the test, if we have reasonable suspicion.”

Davis asked if the board would be interested in an update to the existing policy before putting in the time to research further and develop a proposal.

Assistant Superintendent Josh Brumfield said some provisions of the policy would pertain specifically to the jobs being performed by staff members. As examples, he said a bus operator would be unable to properly perform their job duties if they received a DUI — whether that was received on or off the clock.

The board gave Davis the blessing to move forward with more research and to come back to a future meeting with a full proposal for review.

The board was expected to meet again June 1 at 6 p.m. The next meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Education will take place at 6 p.m. June 15.

Reporter Nancy Peyton can be reached at or 304-824-5101.

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