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Courthouse employee Kim Woodall, left, approached Commissioners Charles Vance and Josh Stowers about needed repairs to the courthouse during a meeting Sept. 2.

HAMLIN — An employee at the Lincoln County Courthouse questioned commission members about needed repairs to the courthouse roof during the commission’s meeting Sept. 2.

Kim Woodall said she’s had to move around her office multiple times due to damage to her ceiling, and that she is not alone.

“This is the fifth time that it’s collapsed,” Woodall said. “It’s ruined two different printers in the last eight years since I’ve been here. I’ve moved my desk three different ways to try to get away from the water. There’s no way that I can get away from that water anymore...I’ve moved everything that I can.”

Woodall also said she’s had multiple respiratory issues that she believes are related to the conditions of her office.

“That’s what I’m breathing,” Woodall said. “There’s black mold on top of the insulation that’s tore out. It’s dirty, there are wires hanging up there… I’m constantly having respiratory infections and throat issues.”

Woodall said the ceiling has fallen in multiple areas many times, and that it is “embarrassing” for the county’s courthouse to be in that condition.

“I know I’ve been told six, seven, eight years that it’s going to be fixed,” Woodall said. “The jury room, I mean it fell probably five years ago. It’s embarrassing to look at the shape that it’s in.”

Commission President Josh Stowers said work on insurance claims for repairs to the roof of the courthouse are ongoing.

“We can’t take any action on this tonight, but maybe we can help clarify that we did reach out to the insurance company,” Stowers said. “Once we know what’s there to file a claim on and for how much, we can take that and look at the three quotes we have and see what we can potentially take action on.”

Stowers said he understands Woodall’s and others’ frustrations, and that he is hoping a resolution to the issues will come soon.

“I understand it’s a problem,” Stowers said. “I get it and I want to get it fixed. Something has to be done.”

The Lincoln County Commission is set to meet again at 6 p.m. Sept. 16.

HD Media reporter Nancy Peyton primarily covers news in Lincoln County.

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