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Just skip it To the person who called about the Chapmanville Tigers: if you don't like the Chapmanville Tigers, then don't read about it. Some people do like to read about Chapmanville. I live in Lincoln County but I have a child that attends Chapmanville, so I still want to know what goes on there. It doesn't matter where you live, Lincoln or Logan County, it's good they can cover both of them in The Lincoln Journal. It doesn't really matter, and so what if the Wiley kid is doing great, let them read about it. What's it to you? You don't like it, don't read about it. Why, because it's about someone you know in there, big deal, get over it. Use more discretion The assessor's office needs to use a lot more discretion before they let people walk in and add names and change mailing addresses on these tax forms they fill out and send the tax form God knows where, and people don't receive them so they can pay their taxes. No bus rides I am concerned about the Tri River transitional bus for the disabled people. I had an appointment on September 19. I called them. They said, well, if you'd called two or three days ahead of time, we might have been able to have fixed you up. So, I set my appointment up for October 2. I called two or three days ahead of time. Now they backed out on it and won't even take me.

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