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How is this possible? I have a simple, maybe stupid question. How come in last week's paper I see where a man got caught with 31 counts of selling drugs; his wife had 31 counts; week before that, another guy was 31; but I'm looking at today's indictments and everyone only has one count. Did someone come up 30 counts short? How is that possible? Still Lincoln Countians With regard to the ""Harts children"" coverage: first of all, our children get shoved out of the Lincoln County school system and now you want to shove them out of our county paper. Well, I've got a better idea: if you're tired of reading about the Tigers, skip that article. These Tigers are still Harts Creekers, and the last time I checked, we were still part of Lincoln County. Kudos to the sports editor for including our children. Gratitude to Toppings This isn't a gripe, but a gratitude to Bill Dale Toppings, the man over the state road in Harts. I think he does a great job and I think we're lucky to have Billy Dale. I'd just like to say that, and we're glad we have him.

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