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June and July 1941

n June 4 — Pacific: Japanese attach Midway Island, suffer heavy losses.

n June 15 — USSR — Red navy shells Nazis at Sevastopol.

n June 15 — Alaska: US fliers blast six Japanese ships in Aleutians.

n June 18 — Washington: Prime Minister Churchill arrives to talk with FDR.

n June 21 — Libya: Tobruk falls to Germans, 25,000 captured.

n June 21 — San Francisco: Axis shells fall on Oregon coast near Fort Stevens.

n July 7 — Rome: St. Peter’s Cathedral now admitting women without stockings.

n July 8 — Hollywood: Actor Cary Grant marries Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton.

n July 16 — American steel workers given 15% wage increase by War Labor Board.

n July 18 — Belgium: Banned book list sent to all bookstores.

n July 30 — US Congress creates women’s naval reserves (WAVES).

Compiled by Phyllis Stowers, Lifetyles Editor for The Lincoln Journal.

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