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1940-49: November and December, 1940

Nov. 1FRANCE: Prehistoric art found in France in a cave.

Nov. 5 – Roosevelt in for third term, VP Henry A. Wallace.

Nov. 11 – Americans fall in love with the Jeep, developed by the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corp and built by Willys.

Nov. 25 – 18,700 enter U.S. Army in peacetime draft.

Nov. 26GERMANY: German troops have begun herding Warsaw’s Jewish population behind an eight-foot wall enclosing the city’s ghetto district.

Dec. 1 – Joseph Kennedy resigns as ambassador to Britain to “help the president keep the U.S. out of war”.

Dec. 12Berlin: Hitler issues plan for Operation Felix: drive through Spain to Gibraltar.

Dec. 13Berlin: Secret plans issued for Operation Barbarossa, invasion of Russia.

Dec. 23 – China: Chiang Kai-shek dissolves all Communist associations.

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