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July and Aug. 1944

July 1 — New Hampshire: 44-nation conference begins at Bretton Woods.

July 4 — USSR: Russians take Minsk near Polish border.

July 6 — Hartford: Barnum & Bailey Circus tent catches fire, killing 168 and injuring 230.

July 9 — Pacific: U.S. troops complete conquest of Saipan.

July 11 — Washington: FDR agrees to run again, saying, “I have as little right as a soldier to leave his position on the line”.

July 12 — Germany: Birkenau “family camp”, where 12,500 Jews are imprisoned, is shut; 4,000 put to death in gas chamber.

July 21 — Pacific: Americans land on Guam.

July 22 — Berlin: Nazis reveal plot of army officers to overthrow Hitler regime.

July 27 — Pacific: Guam proclaimed under U.S. rule.

July 31 — France: Convoy leaves Drancy, transporting prisoners to Auschwitz.

Aug. 1 — Philadelphia paralyzed by transportation strike.

Aug. 2 — Ankara: Turkey ends all relations with Nazis.

Aug. 10 — Pacific: Guam completely recaptured as 500 out of 18,000 total Japanese troops surrender alive.

Aug. 10 — Japan: Americans launch air raid over Nagasaki.

Aug. 12 — France: First PLUTO (Pipe Line Under The Ocean) carries fuel from Isle of Wight to Cherbourg.

Aug. 14 — U.S.: Production of domestic appliances resumes.

Aug. 30 — France: De Gaulle forms provisional govt. in Paris.

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