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Chester Alan Arthur 1881-1885

n He had no vice president.

n Born October 5, 1829 in Fairfield, Vermont

n Died November 18, 1886 of Bright’s Disease at the age of 56 in New York, NY and was buried in Rural Cemetery, Albany, NY.

n He married Ellen “Nell” Lewis Herndon Arthur and had three children.

n He attended Union College and was a teacher, lawyer, inspector general, principal & Vice President.

n He seemed to grow into his job when he assumed the presidency at the death of James A. Garfield after only six months in office.

n Early in the Civil War, he helped organize the New York state militia and was made inspector general and quarter-master general. He was later appointed collector of the Port of New York, a much-sought political prize. President Hayes ordered him removed because of corruption in the department, but Arthur refused, saying he was not responsible for the corruption. Hayes then had him removed.

n Arthur was a leader of the “Stalwart” wing of the Republican party and was nominated as the 1880 vice-presidential candidate to satisfy that wing of the party. Six months later, he would be President.

n The new President had the White House entirely renovated. He even installed tiled bathrooms, which was the talk of Washington.

n Although very partisan before he became president, Arthur sought to avoid partisan conflicts in the White House over patronage and even partly won action for civil service reforms.

n The first Chinese Exclusion Act and the Anti-Polygamy Bill were passed during his term in office, as were new protective tariffs.

n Arthur’s party was weakened by internal strife. His secretary of the treasury, Charles J. Folger, was beaten for governor of New York by Grover Cleveland. As well, James G. Blaine resigned as secretary of state and won the Republican nomination in 1884 over his former boss.

n President Arthur retired to New York after his term ended.

Compiled by Phyllis Stowers, Lifestyles Editor for The Lincoln Journal.

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